Hawk Happenings Wonder Board


Join us to wonder aloud and discuss questions that the community has while watching the Red-tailed Hawks cam. To see how this activity fits into the larger Bird Cams Lab project, see the “Get started” resources below.

Get started

Video: Introducing the Bird Cams Lab
About the Project
How to Join and Use the Forum
What’s a Testable Question?
Refining Your Questions
The Data Tools


Week of April 6
Brainstorm and discuss questions on the Wonder Board
Week of April 20
Sorting activity and question design
Week of April 27
Finish refining questions on the Question Design Board
Week of May 4
Vote on which question to investigate
Week of  May 18
Collect data
Week of September 7
Explore data
Week of October 19
Live webinar 
Week of November 16
Review and edit final report
Week of November 23
Publish Final Report

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Project Feedback

Please share your feedback about your experience with the Wonder Board activity. Help us understand what you’ve liked about it and how we can make improvements. Thank you!

This section is currently inactive. We’ve finished brainstorming.

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Welcome to the
Wonder Board forum!

As you’ve watched the Cornell Hawks cam, what questions have you wondered? Which ones do you think could be answered using footage from the cam? Have you seen or noticed anything that you want to know more about?
Post your questions and observations below!