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Week of April 6
Brainstorm and discuss questions on the Wonder Board
Week of April 20
Sorting activity and question design
Week of April 27
Finish refining questions on the Question Design Board
Week of May 4
Vote on which question to investigate
Week of  May 18
Collect data
Week of June 15
Organize data for data exploration
Week of September 7
Explore data
Week of October 19
Live webinar 
Week of November 16
Review and edit final report
Week of November 23
Publish Final Report

This section is currently inactive. We’ve finished refining questions.

See the most recent project updates.

Which Question to Investigate?

We’re almost ready to start a new investigation! In the recent Sorting Activity, more than 90 people looked at 12 questions from the Wonder Board and sorted them into those that could or couldn’t be answered using the cams. Then they ranked them according to their own interest. Here are the preliminary results showing which questions have generated the most interest so far:

A visual ranking of the questions from those most interesting to participants in the Sorting Activity to those least interesting. The most interesting question is What types of prey are brought to the nest and do the adults bring different types?

If you haven’t yet tried the sorting activity or would like to rank the questions according to your interests, you can still do so!
Sort and rank questions (opens new window).

Before deciding which question to investigate, we need to work together to consider four key criteria: 

  1. Interesting (to you, other participants, and scientists)?
  2. Measurable? 
  3. Specific?
  4. Feasible?

Want to learn more? Check out the forum below where you can read about each question, and share your thoughts!