Battling Birds: Panama Edition Wonder Board

Panama Fruit Feeder Cam
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Wonder aloud with the community about the birds you see on the Panama Fruit Feeder cam. This activity is the start of the investigation, Battling Birds: Panama Edition. To see how it fits into the larger Bird Cams Lab project, see the “Get started” resources below.

Get started

Video: Introducing the Bird Cams Lab
About Bird Cams Lab
How to Join and Use the Forum
The Data Collection Tool
What’s a Testable Question?
Refining Your Questions

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Week of December 7
Brainstorm and discuss on the Wonder Board
Week of December 14
Live Webinar
Week of December 21
Vote on what data we’ll collect
Week of January 18
Test data collection protocol on Zooniverse
Week of January 25
Collect data on Zooniverse
Week of February 15
Organize data for data exploration
Week of March 22
Explore the data
Week of March 10
Review final report
Week of April 29
Review final report
Week of June 23
Share final report

Project Feedback

Please share your feedback about your experience with the Wonder Board activity. Help us understand what you’ve liked about it and how we can make improvements. Thank you!

This section is currently inactive. We’ve finished brainstorming.

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Wonder Board forum!

Join Cornell Lab researcher Dr. Eliot Miller to discover more about the social life of the birds on the Panama Fruit Feeder cam. When we designed Panama Live, the first Bird Cams Lab investigation with this cam, the community expressed interest in learning more about aggression. Now we can! When birds forage at the feeding table, who are the winners and the losers?

Help us figure out what we need to consider when answering this question and if there are other questions you want to investigate! 

We’ll be using Zooniverse to collect data and you can learn more about how we’ll do that here.