Cornell Feeders Live Question Design


Week of February 23
Live webinar and Question Design Board
Week of March 8
Vote on what data to collect
Week of March 29
Collect data
Week of April 19
Organize data
Week of June 2
Explore data
Week of June 16
Live webinar
Week of July 5
Review and edit final report
Week of July 26
Publish Final Report

This section is currently inactive. We’ve finished brainstorming.

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Which Question to Investigate?

The observations and the discussion on the Wonder Board generated a variety of questions, and we’ve summarized the questions with the most upvotes into five groups to focus the conversation on honing the most interesting and answerable questions before we take a vote.

  1. What species are the first and last species to arrive at the feeders?
  2. When do species arrive at the feeders throughout the day?
  3. Does the number of visits change with weather (i.e., temperature, atmospheric pressure, precipitation)?
  4. Are birds (or specific species) more likely to go to a feeder if other birds are already present on the feeders?
  5. What food is preferred by all species visiting the feeder?

Check out the forum below where you can read about each question, and share your thoughts!