It’s Time To Vote!

March 11, 2021

It’s time to choose what data we will collect for the Cornell Feeders Live investigation. 

A red-bellied woodpecker perches on a suet feeder in the middle, which is surrounded by hanging feeder and is above a platform feeder filled with seed. The red-bellied woodpecker has a red head, black-and-white striped wings, and a white face and belly. The background is a snow-covered landscape and bare vegetation.A female red-bellied woodpecker perches on the suet feeder on the Cornell FeederWatch cam.

Over the past two weeks, the Bird Cams Lab community has worked together to share and discuss ideas on the Wonder Board and Question Design Board. The community is full of curiosity and has proposed many interesting questions. Given that we can’t investigate everything, for this first investigation with the Cornell FeederWatch cam we’ll focus on two questions that showed the most community support as the most interesting and testable.

Regardless of how involved you’ve been so far, we invite everyone to participate. Find out what the questions are and weigh in on what specific data we should collect to answer them.