Hawk Talk Wonder Board


Thanks for helping us beta test this “Wonder Board” activity. The purpose is to generate questions about the hawk cam and ultimately select one for investigation by analyzing footage from the cam.

Week of May 28:
Brainstorm and discuss questions
Week of June 4:
Brainstorm, discuss, and “up-vote” questions you’d be interested in investigating (click the upward arrow)
Week of June 11:
Live Q&A, Fri. June 15
Week of June 18:
Discuss questions
Week of June 25:
Vote on question to investigate

Fall 2018:
Tag and analyze data

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Project Feedback

Please share your feedback about your experience with the Wonder Board activity. Help us understand what you’ve liked about it and how we can make improvements. Thank you!

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Welcome to the “Wonder Board” forum! As you’ve watched the hawk cam, what questions have you wondered? Which ones do you think could be answered using footage from the cam?