Watch and Wonder On the Cornell Feeders Live Wonder Board

February 15, 2021
Several species, including woodpeckers and sparrows on the Cornell FeederWAtch cam. There is snow on the feeders and in the background. Also a red-breasted nuthatch on the far right feeder.

Watch the Cornell FeederWatch cam and ask questions with the rest of the Bird Cams Lab community in the first phase of the Cornell Feeders Live investigation.

Whether you are a long-time viewer or have never watched the cam, we invite you to be a part of the discussion. As you watch birds fly in and out of view on the cam, does anything pique your interest? What do you want to know? Even if nothing comes to mind, you can read and respond to other peoples’ comments, thoughts, and questions.

This week we’ll discuss online on the Wonder Board, and then in a live webinar the following week to figure out what we are most interested in studying and how to do that given the live data tagging tool we have at our disposal.

Get started today!