Tune Into A Live Conversation With Dr. Eliot Miller

December 11, 2020
Gray-headed Chachalaca on the Panama Fruit Feder cam with text with information about the webinar

Tune in to learn more about the birds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Panama Fruit Feeder cam and Bird Cams Lab’s newest scientific investigation that is already underway!

We’ll be talking with Dr. Eliot Miller, a researcher at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, who has teamed up with the Bird Cams Lab community to learn more about the relationships between tropical bird species seen on the Panama Fruit Feeder cam in the investigation Battling Birds: Panama Edition. When conflicts arise, which species are likely to battle it out—and who wins?

Everyone is welcome! Whether you’ve had the chance to participate on the Wonder Board yet or not, we invite you to register for a live webinar. We’ll talk about what’s been brought up on the Wonder Board as well as any questions you may have about the investigation or the birds you see on the cam. Even if you can’t tune in live, we encourage you to register. You’ll be able to watch a recording afterwards.

Register for the webinar on Monday, December 14, from 3:00–4:00 P.M. ET