New Hawk Investigation Launches

April 7, 2020

Big Red and Arthur are incubating three eggs on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s Red-tailed Hawk cam and it’s the perfect time to start a new investigation! As the hawks start their breeding season, join the Bird Cams Lab community to watch the cam, choose which question we should investigate, and make new discoveries about the hawks we love to watch.

In the first investigation, we documented nestling and adult vocalizations and uncovered some interesting findings (which you can read more about in this summary). What we will discover this time? We will learn more about prey delivery? Nestling aggression? Or continue to learn more about their vocalizations?

Start brainstorming today in the first part of the investigation on the Hawk Wonder Board. There, you will join other cam viewers and scientists to figure out what we can and will investigate. Even if you don’t have a question yourself, see what others are asking!

Head over to the Wonder Board.