Panama Live Data Collection Complete!

February 25, 2020

We just finished the data collection phase for the Panama Live investigation! Thank you to the 60 people that watched the live cam and tagged their observations over the past two weeks. We logged over 11,000 observations from February 10 – 24. That’s a lot of data!

We also wanted to thank everyone that participated on the Discussion Board. There were great discussions about what was being seen on cam, feedback that improved the data collection tool, answers to each other’s questions, and screenshots of neat things seen on cam! 

The Bird Cams Lab team will now work with the data to turn it into visualizations so that we, as a community, can explore the data together. 

If you experienced any problems, have questions, or any feedback about the data collection phase, please let us know! Fill out the feedback form in the “Feedback” section. We welcome any feedback you have to improve the experience for yourself and others. 

Otherwise, stay tuned and we’ll be exploring the data soon!