Help Our Video Win The Public’s Choice Award

May 13, 2021

First, a huge thank you to everyone who has reviewed the draft of the report for the Battling Birds: Panama Edition investigation. We’ve just started to look at your feedback and already see that the report will be improved thanks to your thoughtful comments, edits, and questions.

While we work on that, we wanted to share a new video we’ve put together. One of the main goals of Bird Cams Lab is to understand participants’ experience and how that relates to learning. We share preliminary findings that the evaluation team, Rockman et al., have surfaced in a 3-minute video that is part of the 2021 Stem For All Video Showcase, an annual showcase of projects aimed at improving STEM learning and teaching.

A photo of Great-Horned Owl nestlings is top left, photo of an osprey is bottom left, and on the right is information about the STEM For All Video Showcase. The text reads Save the Dates! May 11-18, 2021. STEM for All Video Showcase. There is a link: There is also a logo for TERC and NSF and icon and accompanying text to illustrate that people are invited to view, discuss, and vote for the videos.

If you like the video, please vote when you’re done watching to help Bird Cams Lab win a People’s Choice award! We also invite you to leave comments or questions below the video.

Watch the video

We hope you enjoy this video featuring the incredible work you’ve done as a community.