Data Collection Takes Off!

February 5, 2021

Last week marked the beginning data collection for Battling Birds: Panama Edition on Zooniverse, and we’re thrilled by the turnout so far. On Thursday, 446 people tuned in for a live conversation about the project with Bird Cams Lab staff (watch the recording here), and now we’ve kicked data collection into high gear!

As of this morning, 830 volunteers have made 70,532 classifications. That’s incredible–we are already 31% of the way done! Thank you to everyone who has collected data or posted in the Talk forums.

We also love that many people are having fun collecting data! One participant shared that they find it addicting and more fun than a video game.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to jump in, we invite you to try it out today! Everyone is welcome. No prior experience or bird knowledge is necessary. You don’t even have to create a Zooniverse account if you want to try it out before you create a login.

Still not sure data collection is for you? Watch a short video that walks you through how to get started.