Community inspires deeper dive into the data

September 22, 2020
A bar chart with blue bars.

The Panama Live community inspired us to dig deeper into the data and create a new set of visualizations! During last week’s live webinar, Panama Live: Uncovering The Lives Of Six Tropical Feeder Birds (watch it here if you missed the live event), attendees wanted to learn more about how we collected data, including what the sampling effort looked like. By sampling effort, we mean the amount of time participants watched and collected data from the Panama Fruit Feeder cam. Understanding how participants’ effort varied across time is critically important to understanding what the biological data is telling us.

We invite you to check out the new set of “Time Watched” visualizations. Please also share your feedback, thoughts, and questions in the forums underneath the visualizations. Your input is valuable as we explore and understand the data.

Check out the new interactive visualizations.