Collect New Data On Nestlings

May 27, 2020

Have you watched the Cornell Hawks cam recently? The nestlings are growing up so fast! Last week we launched data collection for the newly named Hawk Happenings investigation.

52 people have collected 305 observations!

Today, we’ve switch the data collection buttons about brooding for ones about nestling activity.

The nestlings are now old enough to maintain their body temperature, a process called “thermoregulation,” and neither adult broods them very often anymore, so we are removing this button from the interface. Instead, we’ll record some of the behaviors we’ve been starting to see more often as the nestlings develop, like when the chicks defend their food, flap their wings, or walk around the nest.

Important note! To see the new buttons correctly, you may need to use one of these keyboard shortcuts (opens in new tab) to empty your browser’s cache and do a “hard refresh.”

If you have any trouble using the new buttons, please let us know in the comments below, on the Discussion Board, or in the Project Feedback tab.