Who’s Battling?

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The title of this chart is, “Who’s Battling?” This is a clustered bar chart with species on the x-axis (horizontal axis) and the number of displacements on the y-axis (vertical axis). There are three data sets, each displayed as a different color bar. For each species there are three bars, each reflecting the data set: total number of displacements a species initiated, number of displacements against the same species, and number of displacements against different species. European Starlings initiated the most displacements, followed by American Goldfinches and Mourning Doves. Most species initiated more displacements against their own species than against different species.

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Reading the Graph: Which species tries to displace other species the most? Are species interacting more with other species or their own species more often? Toggle on and off the different data sets to see if you can answer this question or notice any other patterns. Notice the height of the different color bars for each species. The green bars show the total number of displacements that the species initiated. The orange bars show the number of displacements initiated against the same species (i.e. Blue Jays attempting to displace other Blue Jays), and the blue bars show the number of displacements initiated against different species (i.e. Mourning Dove attempting to displace a House finch).

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