When Do Hawks Vocalize Across Days?

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This graph is titled, "When Do Hawks Vocalize Across Days?" Along the horizontal axis is the date and along the vertical axis is the percentage of clips within each day that have a vocalization. There are two bars shown for each day: adult vocalizing and nestling vocalizing. There doesn't seem to be any pattern, with the percentage of clips with nestling or adult vocalization remaining about the same as the date progresses. Also, the bars are much higher for nestling vocalizations than adult vocalization because adults barely vocalized compared to nestlings.

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Reading the Graph: Does the frequency of hawk vocalizations vary from day to day? Is there a change as the days progress? Find out and see if you notice any other patterns by simplifying the graph with the interactive feature. Look for the checked boxes under “Choose What to Display,” and toggle on and off the different choices to see if you notice any patterns.

Notes: For each day, the height of the bars refer to the percentage of clips that have a vocalization (nestling or adult) in that day. The orange bars show the percentage of clips in that day that had adults vocalizing, and the blue bars show the percentage of clips in that day that had nestlings vocalizing.


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