When do conflicts happen throughout the day?

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A stacked bar chart in which the horizontal axis is the hour of the day from 6 to 18 and the vertical axis is the percentage of clips from 0 to 100. For each hour there are two colored bars - light blue for no displacement and orange for displacement. For each hour, the greater percentage is for no displacement with the smaller percentage for displacement, varying from less than four percent to almost 14%. There is no discernable pattern between percentage of clips with displacement or no displacement and hour of day.

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Reading the Graph: Are there times when there are more displacements at the feeder? Find out and see if you notice any other patterns by simplifying the graph and clicking on the checked boxes under “Choose What To Display.”

Notes: For each hour of the day, the height of each bar refers to the percentage of clips in which there were birds visible and there was at least one displacement (orange bars) or no displacement (light blue bars). The bars do no not add up to 100% because there was a small percentage of clips in which people did not agree on whether there was or was not at least one displacement. We considered agreement to be when 60% of people recorded the same answer. To learn more about how we filtered the data, check out the Deciphering the Battling Birds: Panama data post.

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