Situations Breakdown

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This is a stacked bar chart titled,"Situations Breakdown," with situations on the horizontal axis and percentage of clips on the vertical axis. There are two categories of clips: present and absent. For each situation, it is shown out of the total number of clips what the percentage is with that situation and without that situation. Brooding, Feeding Nestlings and None of the Above are the most frequent situations, as they have the highest percentages of clips.

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Reading the Graph: Of all of the clips, how often did hawks do certain things at the nest? How often were the adults brooding? Feeding the nestlings? Find out and see if you notice any other patterns by simplifying the graph with the interactive feature. Look for the checked boxes under “Choose What to Display,” and toggle on and off the different choices to see if you notice any patterns.

Notes: The height of the bars are the percentage of clips calculated out of the total number of clips (just over 8,000 clips). For simplicity, we’ve combined some categories of data collected by participants. “Feeding Nestlings” includes instances when adults were feeding nestlings or eating prey, because the adults sometimes ate while feeding nestlings. We have not shown data for “Prey Transfer” because no such events were recorded.

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