Who are the Winners and the Losers?

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The title of this chart is, “Who are the Winners and the Losers?” This horizontal bar chart shows the number of displacements on the x-axis (horizontal axis) and the species initiating displacements on the y-axis (vertical axis). For each species there are two color bars, each reflecting a dataset: number of displacements a species initiated and was successful and number of displacements a species initiated and was unsuccessful. Most displacements were successful. American Goldfinches had the highest number of unsuccessful displacements.

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Reading the Graph: Are some species more successful at displacing (dislodging) than other species? Are some species less successful? Toggle on and off the different data sets to see if you can answer these questions or notice any other patterns. Notice the length of the different color bars for each species. The orange bars show the successful displacements initiated by a species and the blue bars show the unsuccessful displacements. As the bar length increases, left or right, the number of displacements increases.

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