When Are Species There Throughout the Day?

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This is a clustered bar chart titled, "When Are Species There Throughout the Day?" Along the horizontal axis is the hour of the day from 7 to 16. Along the vertical axis is the average percentage of clips in which a species was present in that hour. There are 10 species featured here, and there are differences between species. Some species are there throughout the day, but others are there more in the morning or more in the late afternoon.

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Reading the Graph: Are species at the feeder at different times during the day? Toggle on and off the different data sets to see if you can answer this question or notice any other patterns. Notice the height of the different color bars as the hours progress throughout the day. The height of each bar is the average percentage of clips within that hour that the species was present. This graph helps us better understanding when species are present at the feeder within a day and how species compare to each other.

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